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The most important thing in life is to love what you do, or to work towards doing what you love to do. That means you have to start paying attention, from a very young age, to the things that you love most and are passionate about. This could be art, books, music, design or anything at all! But if you don't pay attention to what you love you can find yourself not really doing what you want to do.  I found this out years ago when I embarked on a modeling career.  While I loved working in the fashion world, and had a successful career living in Europe for several years, I just knew that modeling was not my passion (I also liked eating croissants more than salad and starving myself "model-thin" was not my jam). I needed to be more creatively fulfilled and express myself through another medium, so my next career was Makeup Artistry.

I loved doing makeup (still do!) and again had a wonderful career doing print and commercial work, but something always felt like it was missing. I realized that I needed to pay attention to what was right in front of my eyes the whole time; Jewelry Design. I had always made jewelry on my free time and was constantly selling pieces right off of my body. More than that, Jewelry was my passion so I was always reading books on the subject as well. People, including Alfonso the night I met him, were always telling me that I should be a Jewelry Designer. 

I finally realized that the thing that brought me the most joy creatively, that was right under my nose, was what I was truly meant to do. However, I am not sure I would have arrived at this conclusion if I had not taken the journey through my other careers first. So now, when anyone starting out asks me how I became a Jewelry Designer, I always tell them this story.  What you love doing the most as your life's work will only become clear if you keep yourself focused on the things you truly love to do.

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